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We in KREDOSYS LTD believe that the customer should feel comfortable in their free choice and that is why we offer new generation services and web solutions that allow customers to take the most of web-based technology. KREDOSYS LTD is a leader in providing advanced IT services that meet the highest professional or individual custom-made software development standards. The KREDOSYS LTD brand is designed to reflect the company's objective to provide consumers with better services through effective solutions, innovative thinking, dynamic development, honest business relations and inspiring suggestions. Thus we believe we can build trust and fair partnership with our customers, and contribute to the development of a competitive and stable business environment.

As we specialize in custom-made IT projects- not simply websites and programs but all kind of IT products, we believe that personal contact is necessary in order to fulfill each of your own brilliant design. In case you still have not decided on what you would like- our team of professionals would gladly share a wealth of their experience so you can choose from a wide range of ingenious, exceptional IT ideas!

Our vision is to be the leading provider of convergent IT services.

Our mission is to make our customers successful in a competitive environment by providing the best services in the field of information and communication technology. KREDOSYS LTD. will continue to strive for introduction and implementation of the latest praxis to offer our clients a comprehensive service of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Please contact us via e-mail, phone or feel welcome to visit us in our office.

KredoSys Ltd.

Services Overview

Website Development

We offer a fully-hosted, admin and user-friendly web environment and our innovative approach guarantees one of a kind IT product. Since we want to start a long-term partnership, each client's preference is extremely important.

Technical Support

KredoSys Ltd specializes mainly in technical support, because we know that flawless website performance is essential.That is why we keep your website well-maintained and up-to-dated.

Application and Additional Software Development

Cutting-edge technology meets the brilliance of human imagination in our application and additional software development factory.

Online Marketing

Let us make your web brand famous. It is remarkable and recognizable web products that we enjoy working on and we want to create an innovative online marketing strategy for your own IT project.


We want your website the way you fancy it. And we want it to score very high, so our SEO specialists will do magic to introduce your site to the target group your business aims at.

Consulting Services

Our company’s qualified team is willing to consult you on any matter concerning IT projects and plans in the sphere of technology enterprise. The more daring the idea, the more enthusiastic we are about it.

KredoSys Ltd.

Bulgaria Holiday Homes is a rental website for Bulgarian houses and villas in whole country.

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Bulgarian Real Estate & Land (BREL) is a private real estate company.

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Dental Medicine Center "Prof. Kissov" is the clinic of the world reknown dental specialist Prof. Hristo Kissov.

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This is the website of the Bulgarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

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Website and a unique system of juice bars.

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Program for discounts and rebates.

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KredoSys Ltd.

What is SEO and do I need it on my website?

SEO is an abbreviation which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This actually means that you need to make your website famous. The optimization is promoting your site to others online- the better the SEO is, the more your place will be visited, more people will know about your business or activities and this can directly affect your sells, profit or popularity. It is more than 80 % of the people online who find what they need thanks to search engines. If your webpages are indexed by the search engines and your website is highly ranked, than you are a lucky entrepreneur. Nowadays Internet is the most rapidly developing marketing tool but you can take advantage of this business gold mine only if your website is visited. So if you make your website search engine friendly this will increase the chance that the search engines return to your site and thus make it appear ahead and rank it higher.

What kinds of design can I choose for my website?

We can create any design you can think of. We appreciate your imaginative ideas and would like to make all of them come true. The only piece of advice we have is: Be as descriptive and precise as possible when you explain what your website should look like. This will make it much easier for us to start it and much faster for you to get the final product.

Why do I need a website?

The first and foremost feature of the website is that it works for you 24/7. Your website does not have a day off and is available, showing your products and services, even when you sleep. What is more, your website creates a potential worldwide network- your business can access people and places you have never imagined. You also get a constant contact with your clients and they will be able to visit the website whenever they want to make a reference, have an enquiry, or want to see the latest updates of your business. Your website is also the place where current and prospect clients can leave feedback. Do not forget that a professionally designed website can be your business card in the world of developing technology. And this very website will help you get the audience you need- target marketing is now working for you.

KredoSys Ltd.

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